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How to Get Kids Excited About the Dentist

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Many of us at One Smile Dental have little ones and understand that getting them to the dentist can feel like pulling teeth! However, it is incredibly important to care for your children’s teeth right from the start. With the goal of ensuring that your kid’s teeth grow healthy and strong, Dr. Collins and the rest of our team have come up with the following three tips to help get your kids excited about visiting our office!

  1. Check Out Our Kid-Friendly Amenities
  2. We’ve designed our office to help keep the entire family comfortable during their visit to our office. With free drinks in our waiting area, WiFi throughout our office, and comfy blankets and pillows, you and your kids will feel at home. Even better, we have TVs with Netflix so you and your kids can catch up on your favorite shows!

  3. Get Them Excited About Our Tech
  4. Our office is so chock-full of the latest state-of-the-art dental technology that your kids might feel like they’ve walked into the future! From dental X-rays that allow us to see invisible problems to our Intraoral cameras that allow Dr. Collins to show you detailed images of your own mouth, kids are often super interested in learning how our gadgets work.

  5. Involve Your Kids in Their Care
  6. Getting your kids involved in their own dental care will help lay the foundation for a healthy future. For example, consider letting them pick out their toothpaste flavor or the color of their toothbrush to encourage them to brush their teeth. Also, encourage your kids to ask Dr. Collins and any of our team members questions about their teeth and how their mouths work. We love teaching younger patients about their oral health and providing them with the tools they need for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

Ask our friendly, knowledgeable team any questions or schedule your next visit to our office by contacting us today!


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