ACE Aligners


bigstock-164397698-1024x683 ACE Aligners | One Smile Dental ACE Aligners are a clear aligner system used to straighten teeth as an alternative to traditional braces. Similar to other clear aligners, ACE Aligners straighten teeth using a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners that over time move your teeth, eventually correcting them as well as your smile to create a brand new, rejuvenated look.


ACE aligners are worn all the time, except when eating and drinking, or while brushing and flossing. The removable design allows for the ability to eat all your favorite foods and clean your teeth easily, unlike traditional braces. Designed with aesthetics in mind, the aligners are barely noticeable and won’t have an impact on your daily routine. No one will be able to tell you’re even wearing them, unless you tell them. Unlike metal braces, clear aligners have no sharp edges so they are more comfortable.


Results will be noticeable as your teeth begin slowly adjusting and aligning to your desired smile. Periodic check-ups with your dentist are required so your progress can be evaluated. These check-ups will continue until you have achieved your new smile.

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